Cutting Tools For Die / Mold Applications 

PHOENIX® PHC is a series of high feed end mills and facemills for maximum metal removal rates in a variety of milling applications.


  • Economical 4-corner insert with a chipbreaker that enhances cutting performance while maintaining rigidity
  • High feed design reduces radial cutting forces and tool vibration
  • Small cutting angle reduces actual chip thickness
  • End mill and face mill styles, Inch and Metric
  • Ideally configured for rough milling.
  • Highly efficient machining, even with long overhangs
  • Capable of increased feed rates and high metal removal rates
  • Complete offering



  • When high Metal Removal Rates (MRR) are needed.
  • When machine horsepower is limited and lower cutting forces are desired.
  • Mold & Die applications in Die Steels and Hardened Steels such as H13 and D2.


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