Cutting Tools For Die / Mold Applications 

PHOENIX® PFB is a series of high precision indexable finish ballnose end mills for superior surface finish and tool life.


  • Very high insert radius precision (±6µm)
  • Spiral cutting edge
  • Steel and Carbide tool shanks
  • End mill style, Inch and Metric
  • Superior milling surface finish
  • Excellent cutting edge strength and sharpness
  • Reduces chatter and provides favorable milling surface when machining at short or long overhangs
  • Complete offering


  • Ideal for 3-D finishing operations where precision (PFB has 6 micron radius tolerance) and surface finish are critical.
  • For hard milling in hardened steels like D2, H13 and 420 Stainless Steel.
  • 3-D machining operations in non-ferrous materials like Graphite or Aluminum Alloy, utilizing OSG’s XC4505 grade diamond-coated insert.


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