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OSG Asia Introduction

Established in 1993, OSG Asia Pte Ltd (OSG Asia) has been a member of the world's leading cutting tool manufacturers - OSG Group.
OSG Asia was set up to serve the fast-growing demand in the machining industry within the Southeast Asia including Asia Pacific counties.

Since then OSG Asia has broadened our network by setting up the overseas subsidiaries and branches in prominent areas to provide faster and better services.
 Our core belief is to maintain our competency in supply of quality of tools and continuously be the global players. We strive to be a No. 1 trusted company in our regions by providing high performance products and total solutions, at the closest places to the customers. 

Company Name: OSG ASIA PTE LTD
Registerd office Location: 2 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #03-08 Singapore 417938
Established: August 1993
Contact Us: TEL (65) 6844 4350 / FAX (65) 6844 4351
E-mail :  support-sg@osgasia.com.sg

OSG Asia History

Origin of OSG Company Name 
"O" Stands For OSAWA, Our Founder 
"S" Stands For SCREW 
"G" Stands For GRINDING 
The trademark of "OSG" symbolizes our professional spirit in tooling and operational machinery field.

OSG Corporate data

Headquarters 3-22 Honnogahara. Toyokawa-City, Aichi-Pref. JAPAN
Established March 26, 1938
Business Profile Manufacture and sales of cutting tools, rolling dies, gauges, machine tools and machine parts; import and sales of tools.
Capital ¥12,124 million
Number of Employees 7,020 (Consolidated)  1,811 (Non-consolidated)
Sales Amount (FY2014) ¥131,368 million (Consolidated) ¥59,442 million (Non-consolidated)
Stock Listings 1st Section of Tokyo & Nagoya Stock Exchange - Code: 6136
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OSG Philosophy

Global PresenceAs a comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer, we make products that at a fundamental level contribute to enhancing people's quality of life. Through continuous growth, we have established a production, sales and technical support network spanning 25 countries. Our corporate aim is to continue to expand our operations globally and strengthen our contribution to the manufacturing industries in the world. 

Tool CommunicationTo OSG, there is a close link between tools and communication. Not only is active two-way communication with customers an essential part of our product development, it is also vital when we assist them in the selection and application of tools, and provide after-sales service. Thus, communication is key to the success of our operations and to our commitment to develop ever-better products. Moreover, the excellent results brought by the use of high-quality tools help to enhance business relationships. 

Fundamental Business Policy
Always aware that our corporation is an institution that serves society, we provide products that are appreciated by our customers.
We assign our employees appropriate jobs and strive to improve their daily lives.
We strive to provide stable dividends to our stockholders.
We implement sound business practices that earn enhanced social trust and develop the corporation into a worldwide business.
Corporate Code Of Ethics Policy StatementThe OSG Company Ethics Pledge is established for all senior management and employees who work in OSG Inc.or OSG group companies to perform business activities based on social common sense while complying with laws and social standards.